Our Objectives

  • To create awareness about the deep association of Magadha with the Buddha.
  • To create awareness internationally and among the local community of Magadha about the rich archaeological heritage of Magadha and its continuous loss due to theft and trafficking.
  • To create a database of sculptures of Magadha found in the villages of Magadha, exhibited in museums in India, and exhibited in museums and auction houses abroad.
  • To find the true provenances of sculptures of Magadha exhibited with misleading provenances in museums and auction houses abroad.
  • To recover the missing sculptures of Magadha and prevent further disappearance of sculptures by spreading awareness about theft, trafficking and laundering of sculptures.

Overview of the Live Museum

Magadha was an ancient kingdom spread across approximately 19000 sq. kms in the region corresponding to present-day state of Bihar in northern India. It is believed that during the time of Buddha the boundaries of Magadha extended .....

Vandalisation of the Live Museum

The history of Magadha and the practice of Buddhism both were entirely lost by the time of colonisation of India by the British. While villagers in Magadha worshipped some of the surviving ancient sculptures as local deities, the British believed ....

Ongoing Theft and Trafficking

The main cause of heritage loss in Magadha during the 19th century was cursory diggings and removal of sculptures by the British for furnishing museums and private collections abroad. With the exception of few sculptures that were placed in museums ....

Tracking Provenances of Sculptures

Explore the sculptures of Magadha exhibited with misleading provenances in museums and auction houses abroad. These sculptures have been acquired by their owners illegally through a long and complex process involving theft, trafficking and laundering. Although the sculptures are in public view, no historical, cultural or spiritual value can be accorded to them because their true provenances are missing. It is important to know the true provenances of these sculptures so that we are able to reconstruct the history of Magadha and restore the sense of pride in the local community of Magadha for its culture and heritage. You can help in tracking the true provenances of the sculptures by writing to us if you have information related to the place of origin, time period and current status of the sculptures.

Help us track some recently stolen sculptures


Sarsu Tara

Ranabigha Buddha

Tetrawan Avalokiteswara